Home Staging Advice

Kerb Appeal

Quite often prospective buyers drive past a property prior to a viewing, to check out the area as well as the exterior of the property. Some people will make an instant decision at this point as to whether they continue with the viewing they have scheduled. Make sure your home is well-presented to the potential passers-by with power washing the front pavements/driveway, repaint porch areas, tidy up the garden, de-weed and wash the windows.

You’ll need a welcoming front door, such as a clean doormat and flowers. It’s worth keeping porch/entrance lights on in the evenings for any later appointments or for the ‘passers-by’.


 It is worth while hiding a pet out the way during a viewing. Especially a dog. As loveable as they are, not everybody appreciates a slobbery kiss upon their arrival. 


Clean and clear rooms are the best, so potential buyers have the opportunity to visualise their own items in the home, and what they can do with the space. It may be worth organising some self-storage away from your home, to help with the clear out. Alternatively, hide items away in the garage or garden shed (if you have one). Don't be afraid to throw things away that you feel you may never use again. It is worth making the property feel homely, but getting a good balance of decluttering and staging will really show off the property.


Whilst we appreciate family homes are likely to attract similar families to view the property, it’s probably best that the entire cast of Toy Story goes back in the box. A well organised games room or nursery will be best, and they will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to clear up the space for their benefit.

Keep It Clean

One of the most obvious points, but nevertheless it’s worth mentioning. Although it can be a lot of effort, this is the best way to show off the house and should not be ignored! If you don’t have the time, it is worth hiring professionals. First impressions count!


Neutral is best. You can't go wrong with magnolia or white. The blank canvas effect, although clinical to some, will present better than deep and dark colours. Try to wipe down scuffs to walls and doors before going to the effort of touching them up. You may end up making it look worse, especially if your decor is dated and you are trying to apply a fresh touch up. 


Take a look at each room and decide if it would be beneficial to rearrange items of furniture, to maximise the floor space as much as possible. Ensure doors open fully. 

Dressing a Room

The master bedroom should appeal to both genders. Make sure the bed is made with fresh sheets, neat cushions and blankets for that cosy feel. Spare rooms are often one of the hardest rooms to keep on top of, but when you put the property on the market, before the estate agent comes round to take marketing photos, a suggestion could be to transform any spare rooms so that they have a purpose. Whether you make it a guest bedroom, office or nursery, giving it a purpose is always advisable. It might be worth thinking who the potential buyers might be and cater to them. Show off closest/wardrobe space. Buyers find this very important when purchasing a property if they are moving in to it themselves. Again, use self-storage companies if you have to. You should aim to have between 20%-30% open space in each closet/wardrobe to give the best impression of spaciousness.

Position Perfection

Take the time to carefully position your items of furniture around the house to encourage a potential sale. Show off the space room by room, take them on a viewing journey, for example something eye catching placed at the top of the stairs will draw people upstairs and keep them intrigued as they explore the property. Artwork, a feature wall and flowers can create these sorts of deliberate distractions.